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Passion Memory and The Past

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Memory and The Past

You could argue that "Passion" is primarily about an old woman trying to reconstruct her past, which is an activity we all engage in. We often talk about nostalgia and find ways to create it. It can make us think about certain TV shows or movies, not because we actually enjoy them, but because they give us that little nostalgia buzz, that feeling like we're trying to reconnect with something that's been lost. 

Questions About Memory and The Past

  1. There's a lot of looking back in "Passion," but does the story have a nostalgic tone?
  2. How can memory betray us? How is it useful?                                   
  3. Is the past worth thinking about? Is it possible to not think about the past?                

Chew on This

Grace returns to the Ottawa Valley in an effort to relive the past.

Trying to relive the past is pointless.

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