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Passion Sexuality

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It's big. It's complicated! It's sexuality—a word that gets thrown around in order to describe both sexual preference and a person's capacity for sexual feelings. It's a subject that can be further complicated with passion, and in Munro's story we see characters that seem to have lost the connection between passion and sexuality, characters that desire that connection, and characters that seem in the process of losing it. 

Questions About Sexuality

  1. How is sexuality related to passion? How is it different?
  2. How is sexuality related to love? What happens when the two are confused? Are there any relationships in the story in which love and sexuality get confused?                  
  3. How can pressures concerning gender roles/expectations get in the way of sexuality?           

Chew on This

Grace realizes her capacity for sexuality during the drive with Neil.

Expectations about sexuality lead to disappointment.

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