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The Lightning Thief Chapter 6

By Rick Riordan

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"I Become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom"

Once I got over the fact that my Latin teacher was a horse, we had a nice tour, though I was careful not to walk behind him.


  • Chiron shows Percy around the beautiful camp. There's an arena, stables, a big outdoor eating area surrounded by huge columns overlooking the sea, a "fully stocked" forest, and more.
  • Everywhere, campers stop and stare at Percy.
  • Percy sees someone watching him from the attic of the farmhouse, but Chiron assures him that nothing lives up there.
  • Chiron takes Percy to the cabins where the campers live. There are twelve cabins arranged in a U-shape. Each cabin is associated with a particular god, and the campers who live in a cabin are related to that god. Cabins one, two, and three are empty. They are the cabins of Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon.
  • Chiron finds Annabeth and asks her to take over Percy's tour.
  • Annabeth takes Percy to cabin eleven, where he will be staying.
  • Cabin eleven looks old. The paint is chipping and everything about it is run-down. It's packed with kids – there are sleeping bags everywhere. It looks like your average summer camp cabin.
  • The campers in cabin eleven gawk at Percy, but the cabin counselor, Luke, makes Percy feel welcome.
  • Annabeth blushes around Luke.
  • Cabin eleven is dedicated to Hermes, the god of travelers and thieves. Anyone who doesn't have a place to stay can stay in Hermes' cabin.
  • Percy is "undetermined," which (he learns) means that he doesn't officially belong to any one cabin. No god has claimed Percy yet.
  • Annabeth warns Percy that's he's got to walk the walk and talk the talk if he's going to do well at Camp Half-Blood.
  • Percy wants to know how he could possibly be related to a god, and Annabeth tells him that his dad most likely is a god. She doesn't know which god, though.
  • The only way Percy could have killed a Minotaur is if he had special powers that only a god could give him.
  • Clarisse (daughter of Ares and member of cabin five) approaches Annabeth and Percy. She is not very nice and reminds Percy of Nancy Bobofit.
  • Clarisse takes Percy to his "initiation," which involves getting his head dunked in a toilet in the camp bathroom.
  • But just before Percy's head gets dunked in the toilet water, something crazy happens. The pipes make funny noises, and water spurts straight out of the toilet and over Percy's head.
  • The water shoots at Clarisse and her sidekicks with the force of a firehose, knocking them down and pushing them out of the bathroom.
  • She and her sidekicks are completely soaked, while Percy is left completely dry.
  • Annabeth is soaked too, but she doesn't get pushed out of the bathroom. She is shocked by what she has just seen.
  • Annabeth wants Percy to be on her capture-the-flag team.

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