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The Lightning Thief Love

By Rick Riordan

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Amid battles with venomous monsters and angry gods, one thing becomes perfectly clear about Percy Jackson: he loves his mom more than anything. It is this love that keeps Percy strong, that motivates him to complete his quest, and that helps him to do the right thing. This love contrasts heavily with the violence that Percy experiences in The Lightning Thief, and it is what makes life worth living for him. During his quest, Percy has access to some of the most powerful weapons and magic in the history of Western Civilization, but he doesn't give a hoot about this kind of power. He is not tempted to steal anything for his own gain. He seems to understand that love (having a mother who loves him for who he is) is more important and more powerful than any master bolt or helm of darkness.

Questions About Love

  1. How does Luke feel about Annabeth? How does Annabeth feel about Luke?
  2. How do you think Annabeth's dad and step-mom feel about her? Do you think that Annabeth will patch up her relationship with her family?
  3. Were Poseidon and Sally Jackson in love?
  4. Does Poseidon love Percy?
  5. Do gods fall in love?
  6. Why does Percy love his mom so much?
  7. In general, how do you think the gods feel about their half-blood children? How does that compare to how mortal parents feel about their half-blood kids?

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