Study Guide

The Lightning Thief Memory

By Rick Riordan

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Memory is often manipulated in the world of The Lightning Thief, and it is often redefined as well. Memory is not so much what a person recalls of the past, but mostly refers to the collective memory of a culture. The gods have been around for thousands of years, and so their memories and that culture's memory extend far back in time. This leads to all kinds of misinterpretations and manipulation of the past. It becomes clear that memory is a powerful thing, and if one could control a people's memory, one would have a lot of power over them.

Questions About Memory

  1. What is Percy's memory of his dad?
  2. What does Percy begin to remember about going to Montauk beach as a child; what does he remember seeing in the waves of the beach?
  3. How does Medusa remember her past, her fateful transformation?
  4. How does Annabeth remember her family?
  5. How does Chiron remember the rule of the Titans?
  6. Can the gods manipulate memory?
  7. What happens when Percy, Annabeth, and Grover go to the Lotus Casino?

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