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Zeus in The Lightning Thief

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Zeus is the god of the sky and the leader of the Olympians. He has an awful temper, so don't get on his bad side. He controls the weather and everything in the sky. His symbol of power is a master bolt which he uses to create lightning whenever and wherever he wants. It's like a weapon of mass destruction. The Lightning Thief shows a truly stormy side of Zeus, for his master bolt has been stolen.

Zeus's dad, Kronos, ruled the Titans in the age before the gods. He was a mean and horrible ruler, especially to humans. Kronos swallowed all of Zeus's older siblings: Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Hestia, and Demeter. Zeus's mom, Rhea, rescued baby Zeus from being swallowed too, and she hid him away in a cave. When Zeus grew up he sought revenge on his dad and made Kronos upchuck his brothers and sisters. Then Zeus and his siblings defeated the Titans and threw them into Tartarus, a deep pit in the Underworld.

Zeus doesn't have the best track record as a leader. Once, his siblings tied Zeus up in a golden net and wouldn't let him out until he promised to be a better ruler. Zeus's wife, Hera, is the goddess of marriage (and his sister…hmm), but, unfortunately for her, Zeus has quite a track record in the lady-wooing department.

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