Study Guide

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Epilogue

By Stephen Chbosky


August 23, 1992

  • Charlie has been in the hospital for the last two months. He got there after his dad found him watching TV naked in a weird trance.
  • The breakdown happened when Charlie finally realized that his Aunt Helen had been molesting him every Saturday when they would watch TV together.
  • His family comes together to support and help him. Even distant relatives write letters and send flowers.
  • It also seems to help when Mary Elizabeth and the rest of the gang visit him in the hospital. All her talking makes things seem normal again. Who knew being a chatterbox could be so helpful?
  • For a few pages, Charlie says he forgives his Aunt Helen, and he ruminates on how important small things in life areā€”like eating French fries with his mother and just being with family.
  • Sam and Patrick take Charlie through the "infinite" tunnel one more time.
  • The main message Charlie wants to get across is that he wants everyone else to be happy.
  • As for himself, well, at least he's not scared of starting sophomore year of high school. Hey, maybe he'll even participate!
  • He tells his reader to believe that things are good for him, "and even when they're not, they will be soon" (Epilogue.23).
  • Then he says that he will believe the same thing about his reader.
  • And, for the last time, he signs off. "Love always, Charlie" (Epilogue.25).