Study Guide

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Part 2, Chapter 6

By Stephen Chbosky

Part 2, Chapter 6

November 23, 1991

  • In this letter, Charlie is writing about his Thanksgiving dinner with family.
  • Maybe Charlie's a time traveler, because Thanksgiving was on November 28th in 1991. That would give this book a whole different feel, now wouldn't it?
  • Anyway, Charlie details some of the typical family bickering.
  • He also talks a lot about his grandfather—you can read more about him in his "Character Analysis."
  • When the family sits down to watch Charlie's brother play football on TV, Charlie notices his grandfather crying.
  • At dinner, everyone goes around and says what he or she is thankful for.
  • Charlie's proclamation: "I'm thankful that my brother played football on television so nobody fought" (2.6.19). How sweet.
  • His great-aunt echoes our sentiment: "Amen" (2.6.21).
  • Before leaving, Charlie kisses his grandfather on the cheek. Gramps wipes it off, but Charlie's glad he did it. He never got to kiss his Aunt Helen before she died.