Study Guide

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Part 3, Chapter 7

By Stephen Chbosky

Part 3, Chapter 7

February 15, 1992

  • Charlie goes to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Mary Elizabeth, but we're not sure if he actually dances. Wallflowers aren't known for their dance moves, after all.
  • We do know that Mary Elizabeth talks a lot. We won't put you through that. You can check out her "Character Analysis" for the low-down.
  • There's some other dance drama, though.
  • Craig doesn't go with Sam to the dance, so she's really bummed. Also, Charlie's sister and her secret boyfriend seem to have some sort of fight on the dance floor.Ā 
  • Oh, and one other tiny little thing: later that night, Charlie's sister tells Charlie that she's pregnant.
  • Her boyfriend told her it wasn't his and broke up with her right in the middle of the dance. Great guy.
  • She asks Charlie to take her to the clinic, and he agrees.

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