Study Guide

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Part 4, Chapter 4

By Stephen Chbosky

Part 4, Chapter 4

May 11, 1992

  • Charlie tells us that he's been hanging out with Patrick a lot lately.
  • They drive around town, Patrick talks, and Charlie smiles and nods and says "Sure" (4.4.19) a lot.
  • It seems like Patrick is existing solely on cigarettes, coffee, and caffeine pills. That is one terrible combination.
  • Sometimes they see a movie or eat lunch, but they're mostly on the Patrick & Brad Hook-up Tour; Patrick is showing Charlie all the places he and Brad used to get together.
  • Charlie and Patrick sit on the golf course, sip wine, and tell embarrassing stories about other kids in school.
  • After their long night out, Patrick drives Charlie home and gives him a good night kiss.
  • Well, then.
  • Patrick says he's sorry after, but Charlie pretty much encourages him: "No, really. It was okay" (4.4.76).
  • They kiss in the car for a while longer, and then Patrick starts to cry and talk about Brad. 
  • What does Charlie do? He just sits there and listens to him. "Because that's what friends are for" (4.4.79). 

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