Study Guide

Mehri in Persepolis

By Marjane Satrapi

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Something About Mehri

Mehri is the family maid who started working for them when she was eight years old. She would have been Marji's friend if not for the fact that she's basically "the help". Despite being a maid, Mehri was more like the older sister Marjane never had. Only ten when Marjane was born, Mehri even refers to Marji as her sister when Marji is writing love letters for her because Mehri can't write.

We only get to know Mehri over about six pages. She falls in love with the neighbor, but is shamed by his rejection when Marjane's father tells the neighbor that Mehri is of the servant class and forbidden to date him. This class distinction is arbitrary to young Marjane, and it marks a turning point in her life when she starts thinking about how unfairly people of lower classes are treated. But after that chapter, we never see Mehri again; later on, the family has a different maid.

What do you think happened to Mehri? Where did she go?

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