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Persepolis Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The Veil

  • We're introduced to young Marji, age ten. The year is 1980. She's not wearing acid-washed jeans and rocking out to Michael Jackson, though: she's in school, wearing a veil, just like all the other girls.
  • They don't want to wear it.
  • In 1980, the new regime in Iran made it mandatory for women to wear the veil. They also segregated the schools between male and female.
  • Marji tells us that she wanted to be a prophet when she was a girl. "I was born with religion" (1.20), she says.
  • The school thinks it's weird that prophesizing is Marji's career choice, so they call her parents.
  • Even though she tells her parents she wants to be a doctor, she still really wants to be a prophet.

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