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Persepolis Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The Key

  • At school, mourning the war dead becomes part of the daily routine; to do so, they listen to a song and pound their chests.
  • Marji decides to make fun of the routine of the students flagellating themselves to honor the dead. She cracks her friends up.
  • She and her friends become quite the pranksters, even garlanding the room with toilet paper, which gets them suspended for a week.
  • Their parents get called in to school, and end up pretty much yelling at the principal. They're not happy with the state of education in Iran either.
  • Later, their maid (Ms. Nasrine, a different maid than Mehri) is upset because the school gave her son a plastic key painted gold.
  • They told him it would be his key to heaven if he died in battle. It's propaganda used by the government to recruit child soldiers.
  • Meanwhile, Marji really gets into punk rock. Guess you have to get your mind off of war somehow.

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