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Persepolis Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


  • Marjane starts reading again to bone up on her friends' interests: Bakunin and Marx.
  • She even tries to pee standing up as recommended by Simone de Beauvoir, but she makes a mess. Maybe she should put Cheerios in the toilet to improve her aim…
  • One night, she makes a pot of pasta and watches TV in the common room with the nuns.
  • A nun yells at her for eating out of a pot. The nun has the audacity to say, "[Iranians] have no education" (22.32).
  • Marjane responds, "You were all prostitutes before becoming nuns" (22.33)…
  • And that's how Marjane gets expelled from yet another school.
  • She's lucky enough to get to move in with Julie, but she never sees Lucia again.

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