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Persepolis Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

The Horse

  • Marjane moves into a communal apartment with eight homosexuals.
  • She has abandoned her punk look, too.
  • One day, she is overjoyed to discover that her mother is coming to visit.
  • When she picks Mom up at the airport, Mom doesn't recognize her because Marjane has grown so much.
  • They do a lot of quality bonding.
  • Mom is still there when Marjane's lease at the communal apartment is up, so she helps Marjane find a new place, this time a room in the house of one Frau Doctor Heller. We're not sure if this is an upgrade from staying at Frau Blucher's castle or not.
  • When Mom leaves, Marjane feels rejuvenated from all the maternal affection she's received.

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