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Persepolis Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Hide and Seek

  • Doctor Heller's house has a nice terrace, but Heller's dog poops on Marjane's bed on a weekly basis, which pretty much ruins the relaxing atmosphere.
  • At school, Marjane meets a cute boy: Enrique.
  • Problem: he's gay.
  • Marjane promises to always be friends with him, but she soon loses touch with him.
  • She meets another boy: Jean-Paul, but he doesn't seem to be interested in her either.
  • On the weekends, Marjane spends time at the anarchist compound where she and Enrique used to hang out. She does a lot of drugs.
  • One night, she meets yet another boy: Markus.
  • They hit it off pretty well, although Markus's mother hates Marjane.
  • Marjane is getting pooped on from all ends, too. (Not just by Frau Heller's dog, either.) Frau Heller calls Marjane a prostitute, so Marjane spends her evenings cursing Heller in Persian, a language the woman doesn't understand.
  • Meanwhile, hooked on hash (not hash browns), Marjane finds a place to buy it and becomes her school's trusted drug dealer.

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