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Persepolis Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

The Croissant

  • It's Marjane's last year at school, so she has to take the French baccalaureate.
  • God comes to her in a dream and tells her that the essay subject will be "Slavery of the N****es."
  • Marjane calls her mom, who tells God to pass this message to the examiner.
  • Sure enough, that's the subject, and Marjane gets the best score in the school.
  • However, the headmaster is dismayed at the prevalence of cannabis in the school. He seems to be sure Marjane is the one supplying it, and he gives her a stern warning.
  • Meanwhile, she and Markus start drifting apart.
  • The day before her birthday, she gets invited to a friend's house and Markus doesn't want to come.
  • Marjane misses her train, however, and surprises Markus at home.
  • And what a surprise it is: he's in bed with another woman. How very Lifetime Original Movie of him.
  • They break up, and Marjane never sees him again.

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