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Persepolis Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

The Veil

  • Things aren't going well at Frau Doctor Heller's house. Heller blames Marjane for stealing her brooch. We'd rather be a horse at Frau Blucher's castle than Marjane right about now.
  • Completely lost, Marjane tells Frau Doctor Heller to "go f*** yourself" (28.13) and leaves to live on the streets.
  • She rides the warm buses and trains until she runs out of money, and then she scrounges for food in the trash.
  • Soon she gets thrown off all the trains and trams, so she sleeps on a bench.
  • She gets so sick that she starts coughing up blood and passes out.
  • A few days later, she wakes up in the hospital, grateful to be alive.
  • Okay, she's alive. Great. But she still has no money or home. She remembers that her mom's friend Zozo owes her money, so she calls her up.
  • Her parents call while she's at Zozo's house collecting the money. Marjane decides to return home to live with her parents again in Iran.

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