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Persepolis Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

The Exam

  • At a party, Marjane meets Reza, "the man that [she] would marry two years later" (32.26).
  • They hit it off instantly, and even though they are total opposites, they complement one another. They're the yin to the other's yang, the peanut butter to each other's jelly, the pickles to each other's mayonnaise… Wait, what?
  • Anyway, both of them apply to the college of art… and—phew—both of them get in.
  • This being Iran, there's one more hurdle of course: the part where Marjane has to prove that she's uber-religious.
  • Instead of lying, Marjane is honest: she likes talking to God, but she doesn't believe that God intends women to be subjugated.
  • Despite speaking her mind, Marjane gets in. The examiner really appreciated her honesty.

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