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Persepolis Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

The Makeup

  • To impress Reza, Marjane wears makeup out.
  • The guardians—those who enforce the restrictive religious law—show up for a raid.
  • To deflect attention away from herself, Marjane says a nearby man said something indecent to her. That man is arrested.
  • Reza praises Marjane's quick thinking and self-preservation skills.
  • Later, she relays the story to Grandma. Grandma is, well, less than praising. "I think that you're a selfish b****" (33.46), she says. Whoa. Our grandma just gives us ugly sweaters…
  • Grandma is sorely disappointed in Marjane. Her ancestors died to protect innocents, and Marjane is pinning blame on them to escape her own punishment.
  • Marjane is mortified that Grandma is disappointed in her.

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