Study Guide

Persepolis Chapter 34

By Marjane Satrapi

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Chapter 34

The Convocation

  • A few good things happen: Marjane starts school, she makes some new friends, and her grandmother forgives her.
  • However, it's not long before Marjane starts speaking her mind at school, condemning the Islamic regime's double standards: Men can wear what they want (to an extent), but women must be covered.
  • She gets called before the Islamic Convention. We would call it the Is-Con for short, but it is nothing like Comic-Con.
  • Instead of punishing her, they make her design the model for the uniform for female students.
  • It takes great thought, but she designs one with a short head-scarf and wide trousers. These two things are subtle, but they are small steps toward independence.
  • Designing these garments earns her even more respect from her grandmother.

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