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Persepolis Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

The Satellite

  • War. What is it good for? Well, it seems to be good at the moment, because Saddam Hussein is waging war against Kuwait instead of Iran. For the Iranians anyway, it's a nice break.
  • A friend of the family gets a satellite dish, so the family races over to get news from the outside world. It's like reading a newspaper after subsisting on a diet consisting solely of Fox News or CNN.
  • Marjane gets a little too addicted to the TV, though, using it to retreat from her personal life.
  • Her dad calls her out on it, and they fight.
  • They soon make up, because Marjane realizes Dad is right. He buys her a bunch of books, and she returns to a pastime that has always suited her well: reading.

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