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Persepolis Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

The End

  • For the final project in art school, Marjane and Reza are tasked with designing a theme park. Marjane calls it "Disneyland in Tehran" (38.7), and the theme is Iranian mythology.
  • Working on the project marks the first time in a long time that Reza and Marjane get along.
  • It's great, but Marjane realizes the only reason they're getting along is because they're distracted by their work.
  • As she talks to her grandmother and witnesses the controlling way a male friend deals with his wife, Marjane becomes more and more comfortable with the idea of divorce.
  • She decides to not just divorce Reza, but to divorce Iran. Marjane will divorce him and return to Europe to live her own life.
  • She spends her final few days breathing in the air of the Caspian Sea, being close to her grandmother, and visiting Uncle Anoosh's tomb.
  • Her family takes her to the airport, like they did when she was a girl. "My mother didn't faint and my grandma was there, happily" (38.88), she says.
  • Marjane tells us she only saw her grandma once more before she died. "Freedom had a price" (38.88).

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