Study Guide

Persepolis Chapter 4

By Marjane Satrapi

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Chapter 4


  • Grandma comes to visit.
  • She tells Marji that when her husband was arrested, they lost all their wealth. She still took every effort to make sure her family looked nice despite being in poverty.
  • That night, the family waits a long time for Marji's father to come home from a protest. Marji fears he is dead.
  • He makes it home alive and uninjured. He tells the story of what happened at the demonstration, but Marji is too young to understand.
  • She decides to educate herself to better understand, and she starts reading lots of books. Too bad there was no Shmoop in Iran in 1980.
  • Wait, why is this chapter called Persepolis? (Check out our "What's Up With the Title?" section if you're curious.)

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