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Persepolis Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • Marji is sad that her dad never went to prison. "My father was not a hero" (8.1), she says.
  • Luckily for her though, her Uncle Anoosh was.
  • His story is pretty scary: He was loyal to his uncle Fereydoon, who proclaimed the independence of Azerbaijan; naturally, the Shah was not happy.
  • Anoosh has a dream: "dead people, blood" (8.13). Um, at least he wasn't in his underwear in front of all the dead people, right?
  • The next morning, his uncle is assassinated, and Anoosh flees.
  • He gains asylum in the U.S.S.R, and even marries. He hates his wife, though he never says why.
  • When he returns to Iran, he is captured and imprisoned for nine years. Marji thinks that is awesome.

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