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Persepolis Coming of Age

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Coming of Age Theme

Teen angst is the same everywhere in the world. Whether teens are growing up in the U.S., Vienna, France, or Iran, they're busy learning about themselves and exploring their identities. They learn about themselves in relation to their friends and family, and often they use music too. Marji is no different, becoming obsessed with punk music and trying out different outfits… although there's only so much you can do when you're veiled and wearing a head-to-toe black robe. At least she doesn't make the same fashion faux pas other kids do (cut-off denim shorts, anyone?).

Questions About Coming of Age

  1. What are some important life lessons Marji learns in the first half of Persepolis (before leaving Iran for Vienna)?
  2. What moments mark Marjane's transition from child to teen during her time in Vienna?
  3. When does Marjane become an adult? Is her coming of age complete by the end of the novel?

Chew on This

If Marjane had come of age in Iran, she would have been a much different person than she became by spending her teen years in Vienna because the cultures are so different.

Although Marjane experiences her teen years in Vienna, she doesn't become an adult until she moves back to Iran and grows out of the childish things of her past.

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