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Persepolis Politics

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U.S. politics may be dirty, but we'd take mudslinging over bomb-slinging any day. Politics in Iran are a life-or-death situation. While the U.S. has The Daily Show and The Onion to satirize politics, and talking-heads on CNN and Fox News to argue until they're blue in the face, Iran regulates everything. They control the media, and they don't just restrict freedom of speech for people who oppose the regime: they kill them. Yeah, a little mud in the face doesn't look that bad after all.

Questions About Politics

  1. What political parallels do you see between Iran and the U.S. (or your home country)?
  2. Who is to blame for Iran's problems?
  3. Do you think Iran is a major political power? Where does Iran's power lie?

Chew on This

Iran is the way it is—ruled by religious fundamentalists and xenophobic of Westerners—because the United States and England put the rulers in power and started a war between Iraq and Iran.

Marjane is the way she is—passionate and political—because she was raised by parents who were very active in anti-war protests.

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