Study Guide

Persuasion Chapter 13

By Jane Austen

Chapter 13

  • Anne stays for two days at Uppercross, making herself useful to the worry-addled Musgrove parents.
  • Charles M. visits Uppercross, and assures his parents that Louisa is no worse and that Mrs. Harville is taking excellent care of her.
  • There is talk that the family nanny should go with Charles back to Lyme, but no action; Anne takes a page out of designer Tim Gunn’s book and makes it work.
  • Charles Hayter also visits Lyme and brings back reports that Louisa is not dead yet, but is getting better, and Captain Wentworth is staying with her.
  • The Musgrove parents make vague noises that they would like to go to Lyme to be with Louisa, but appear incapable of actually making up their minds, getting in their carriage and going. Anne, continuing to channel Lisa Simpson as the only competent person around, makes all the arrangements and sends them off.
  • Anne joins the newly-returned Lady Russell at Kellynch Lodge, and is plunged back into a different family drama. Still, Anne’s more interested in what’s going on with the Musgroves than what her own father and sister have been up to in Bath.
  • Anne and Lady Russell pay a visit to the Crofts; Anne already knows and likes them, but Lady Russell is prepared to be huffy at these intruders to Kellynch.
  • Anne learns, with pleasure, that Captain Wentworth has been complimenting the way she handled Louisa’s dive into the pavement.
  • Admiral Croft invites Anne to tour her old house, but she declines.
  • The Admiral discusses the various changes he and Mrs. Croft have made to the house, most notably removing the umpteen giant mirrors from what had been Sir Walter’s room.
  • The Crofts mention that they will be away visiting friends until after Anne leaves to join her family in Bath, and Anne is relieved that there is no danger of running into the Captain again.