Study Guide

Persuasion Chapter 6

By Jane Austen

Chapter 6

  • In the land of the Musgroves, Anne suffers the pangs of a reality show contestant who returns to the real world only to find that no one was actually watching Survivor: Circle Pines. Not surprisingly, it turns out that no one cares about the Elliots quite so much as the Elliots care about themselves, and the Musgroves aren’t really concerned that the Elliots! had to rent out! their estate!
  • Anne resolves not to be sucked in by her family’s blinders in the future, and to work on fitting in with the Musgroves.
  • She fits in almost too well, however, as she gets stuck listening to more drama and self-centered complaining than on a Facebook wall.
  • Anne would like to tell them all to suck it up and deal, but can only drop hints about "forbearance" (6.11).
  • Still, she enjoys the change of company and the younger Musgroves’ tendency to break into a dance party, Austen-style whenever possible.
  • While the Musgrove girls bust their moves, Anne prefers DJ-ing (well, playing the Greatest Hits of the 1800s on the piano) to dancing.
  • The Crofts move into Anne’s old house, and come to visit Anne and Mary.
  • Anne hangs out with Mrs. Croft, but thinks more about her visitor’s brother, the long-lost Captain Wentworth.
  • So, when Mrs. Croft mentions her brother, who used to live in the area, and his now-married state, Anne’s heart goes a-flutter.
  • But it turns out her blushes are misplaced, for it is the other brother, the curate, who is no longer on the marriage market.
  • However, the Admiral drops a comment that some unspecified Wentworth brother is going to visit soon, so Anne is left uncertain whether to keep her blush motor running.
  • After the Crofts leave, Anne gets filled in on the gossip by Henrietta: it is indeed Captain Wentworth who is on his way.
  • Henrietta also warns them that her mother is in a weepy mood, for it turns out her no-good dead brother Richard worked on Captain Wentworth’s ship, and mom’s waxing sentimental over him now that he can’t write home asking for money anymore.
  • The Musgroves decide to introduce themselves to the Captain, who was so nice to their dear departed Dick, when he arrives, and so the evening goes on.