Study Guide

The Phantom Tollbooth Chapter 20

By Norton Juster

Chapter 20

Good-by and Hello

  • Milo drives home. On his way, he realizes that that he's been gone for ages, which is probably not so cool with his parents.
  • Yet, by the time he gets home, he discovers that it's only been a few hours back in human time. He hasn't even missed dinner.
  • He's wiped out, so he eats and goes straight to bed.
  • After school the next day, he's really excited to go home, go through the Tollbooth, and start another adventure.
  • But the Tollbooth's gone. All that's left is a little note, which says he doesn't need the Tollbooth anymore. It says that he now has the power to make his own adventures.
  • At first, Milo is really upset: he won't ever get see the friends he made in the Lands Beyond. But he's more excited to be in his own world than he ever was before.
  • This guy is ready to make his own adventures.