Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 1, Chapter 5

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 1, Chapter 5

Leah Price

  • Everyone has to sleep under mosquito netting and take quinine tablets to keep malaria at bay. No, malaria isn't Honey Boo-Boo's cousin. It's a pretty brutal mosquito-borne illness.
  • Leah spends a lot of time helping her father with his garden, even though he never pays attention to her.
  • Mama Tataba, who lives with the Prices (she was hired by the previous minister, Brother Fowles), tries to tell Nathan that his seeds won't grow unless he plants them in little mounds, but he won't listen.
  • Leah's pretty shocked that Mama Tataba talks back to her father. No one does that, especially not... a woman!
  • Overnight, Mama Tataba reshaped their little field into mounds. The next day, Nathan pounds them flat again. Yeah, looks like a lot of progress is being made in Kilanga.