Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 2, Prologue

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 2, Prologue

Orleanna Price. Sanderling Island, Georgia

  • Welcome to Book 2, "The Revelation/The Things We Learned."
  • Orleanna thinks of the smells of Africa: "ripe fruits, acrid sweat, urine, flowers, dark spices" (2.Prologue.3).
  • Yep, Africa smells like J.Lo's Miami Glow perfume.
  • Then she drops a bit of foreshadowing on us: "Africa, where one of my children remains in the dank red earth" (2.Prologue.3). Yikes. People, place your bets!
  • She takes us to Independence Day in the Congo: Methuselah is hanging out in the trees andĀ Eeben Axelroot is selling the Prices their own mail.
  • The family isn't coping too well without Mama Tataba. Of course, Nathan is no help, so the women have to fend for themselves, and every minor chore is an ordeal. You think doing laundry is hard? Try doing it in the Congo.
  • On the baptism front, Tata Ndu, the chief, has warned people to stay away from Nathan's church because he's trying to feed people to crocodiles.
  • Tl;dr: things in the Congo aren't going well, and they're just getting worse every day.