Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 3, Chapter 8

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 3, Chapter 8


  • While in the kitchen, Rachel hears all the kiddies announcing the arrival of Tata Bidibidi, or Mr. Bird.
  • Mr. Bird, a.k.a. Reverend Santa, comes to their house and sits down with the family. Hey, it's Brother Fowles, the man who used to live in their house.
  • Father comes home and bam. Tension goes from 0 to 10. They have an uneasy debate about different translations of the Bible, the true meaning of God's word, etc. Fun times.
  • Before Mr. Bird leaves, he give the Prices tons of loot—coffee, sugar, quinine, and books for Adah. If they're going to be stuck in the Congo, and least they won't have to go without everything.

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