Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 4, Chapter 7

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 4, Chapter 7


  • Rachel declares she's a vegetarian, but she's eating antelope meat by the end of the very same page.
  • At dinner, Leah and Father get in another huge fight about her flouting her elder's wishes, but even Rachel realizes that if Leah hadn't gotten off her duff and done something about it, they wouldn't be eating at all.
  • Nelson breaks up the argument when he rushes in, scared of another evil sign that appeared in the hen house.
  • Father goes to sleep and refuses to let Nelson stay in the house. He stands out and begs to be let in until the sisters, led by Leah, sneak out and help him.
  • They set a trap to see who is planting snakes in the hen house.
  • Just like in the story of Daniel and the serpent, they leave piles of ashes on the floor. If anyone sets foot (literally) in the hen house, they'll leave footprints.