Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 5, Chapter 10

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 5, Chapter 10

Leah Price Ngemba. Kinshasa. Rainy Season 1981.

  • Anatole is in prison again, and Leah has to take care of the children—Pascal, Patrice, and Martin—by herself.
  • They couldn't stay in America because it was too foreign, too sterile, "nothing on the air but a vague, disinfected emptiness" (5.8.8).
  • When they returned home to Africa, officials confiscated Anatole's passport at the airport. The next day, the casques-bleus (the police) took him away to the same prison where Lumumba was held. Leah is lonely and afraid he will never get out.
  • She stays busy, like her mother.
  • Oh yeah, speaking of Mother, she's raising money with Amnesty International for bribes to get Anatole food.
  • All Leah can do, once again, is to write letters... and wait.