Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 5, Chapter 3

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 5, Chapter 3

Adah Price. Emory University. Atlanta, 1962.

  • Back in the States, Adah has decided to speak.
  • They moved into a small cabin where Mother spends all day gardening.
  • Adah took a Greyhound bus to Atlanta to talk with someone at Emory University. She's pretty blunt: "I need to go to your college here, sir. And when I am done with it, I will need to go to your medical school" (5.3.5).
  • Funny, that didn't work when we tried it.
  • He patronizes her, asking, "Do you know what calculus is, young lady?" (5.3.7).
  • Adah's pretty much a super genius, and proves it. Since she's the child of a veteran, she gets government benefits.
  • That taken care of, Adah tells us a bit about their Exodus from Africa.
  • First, they had to hide in a pile of bananas on a boat. But the merchant ended up dumping them out.
  • Then, they had to hike to the next town, all the while hiding along the side of the road.
  • Some soldiers found them, but, convinced that Mother was possessed by a demon (judging by her glassy-eyed stare), they dropped them off at the Belgian Embassy.
  • Yada yada yada, they're back in Georgia.
  • Back in America, Adah wonders how there can be so much in America but so little in the Congo.
  • If Ruth May had survived, would Mother have chosen her again and left Adah in the Congo?