Study Guide

The Poisonwood Bible Book 6, Chapter 3

By Barbara Kingsolver

Book 6, Chapter 3

Adah Price. Atlanta.

  • Adah has a dilemma. Namely, is it immoral to let a child die? "The loss of life: unwelcome. Immoral? I don't know" (6.3.3).
  • She considers that in a country of abundance, like America, it would be immoral to let children starve, but what about the Congo? Overpopulation is becoming the death of Africa.
  • Plus, God created all creatures. Why are humans special, as opposed to the bacteria and viruses that kill them? (Are we mass murderers every time we hit the anti-bac?)
  • In the end, she tells us about her new obsession: collecting mistranslated Bibles.
  • Speaking of mistranslation, she wonders what Bible her father wrote in Africa.