Study Guide

The Portrait of a Lady Chapter 41

By Henry James

Chapter 41

  • Lord Warburton calls on the Osmond household often to visit with Isabel and Pansy.
  • Isabel is open to the idea of Pansy marrying the lord, but thinks of what a shame it is that Rosier will be hurt. She wants to please Osmond. We’re disturbed by her abused-wife mentality….
  • Isabel considers leaving Lord Warburton and Pansy alone, but decides to stay in the same room.
  • Osmond comes into the room after Pansy’s left. He asks if Lord Warburton has gone.
  • Osmond, for whatever reason, is certain that Isabel will side with Pansy marrying Rosier. The couple obviously has an antagonistic relationship.
  • Osmond commands that Isabel to use her pull with Lord Warburton to get him to propose to Pansy.