Study Guide

The Portrait of a Lady Chapter 44

By Henry James

Chapter 44

  • Countess Gemini has been invited to stay at the Osmonds’ for a couple of weeks. The Countess is fond of Isabel, although she and her brother have a mutual dislike for one another. She hopes to find that Osmond has met his match in Isabel.
  • Henrietta visits Countess Gemini, asking whether she knows of Isabel’s situation. The outlandish Countess is quite taken with the newspaper woman, and hopes that they can travel to Rome together – she desperately wants her name to appear in the papers. Henrietta’s too busy to wait for Countess Gemini’s departure, however, and wants see her friend as soon as possible. She plans to leave the next day.
  • Henrietta sends a message to Caspar Goodwood in Florence, and then goes to the Uffizi Museum to look at her favorite painting.
  • Henrietta runs into Caspar at the Uffizi, and they decide to leave for Rome together the next day. Caspar is somewhat hesitant, because he has mixed feelings for Henrietta, but he agrees to travel with her.