Study Guide

The Portrait of a Lady Chapter 46

By Henry James

Chapter 46

  • Lord Warburton has not called or written, and Osmond, ever the pessimist, holds Isabel responsible.
  • Osmond assumes that Isabel has a hand in Warburton’s sudden absence, and demands that she correct it.
  • At this fortuitous moment, Lord Warburton arrives at the Osmonds’ and announces his departure for England. He invites the Osmonds to visit him and stay at Lockleigh.
  • Osmond and Isabel both realize that Lord Warburton is no longer pursuing Pansy. Osmond leaves the two friends alone.
  • Lord Warburton expresses his wish for Isabel to visit him in England.
  • Pansy comes to bid adieu to Lord Warburton, and she is close to tears.
  • As it turns out, her tears are more of relief than anything else. Pansy seems glad to be rid of Lord Warburton’s questionably genuine affections.
  • Osmond accuses Isabel of having played a game against him. He thinks that Isabel has worked specifically to turn Lord Warburton away from Pansy.
  • Isabel appears, in her white cloak, like the angel of disdain, looking down sadly upon Osmond’s petty accusations.
  • Isabel suggests that Osmond should do the courtship work himself next time.
  • Osmond says that there is still hope that they might still take Lord Warburton up on his offer to visit England. He also grimly notes that this affair has proved that Pansy can aim high in the marriage game.