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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • Now that Mr. Collins has a good house and a good income, it's time to marry. His plan is to choose one of the Bennet daughters, which is his method of "atoning" for inheriting their father's estate.
  • We have to say, it's actually kind of a nice gesture—he just picked the wrong daughter.
  • He is interested in Jane at first, but Mrs. Bennet nips THAT right in the bud (Mr. Bingley is way more eligible), and he quickly switches his affections to Elizabeth.
  • Everyone except Mary walks into Meryton.
  • While in Meryton, the girls get excited about a super cute young soldier walking across the other side of the street with another soldier they know, Mr. Denny.
  • His name is Mr. Wickham and he's joining up. Squeee!
  • While the girls are talking to him, Darcy and Bingley ride up on horseback.
  • They chat for a while. Mr. Darcy is trying to avoid looking at Elizabeth when he notices Mr. Wickham.
  • Dun dun dun.
  • Elizabeth sees what happens: both of them change color (one picks white and the other one picks red), and they just barely tip their hats at each other, which is the Regency equivalent of flipping each other the bird.
  • The girls' aunt Mrs. Phillips lives in town, and they head over there to gossip with her about Mrs. Wickham.
  • While all that goes on, Jane and Lizzy wonder what the backstory is with Wickham and Darcy.

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