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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Mrs. Gardiner warns Elizabeth not to fall in love with Wickham.
  • Elizabeth admits that it wouldn't be a smart match, because he's basically broke with no potential to earn any money. But he's so cute! And funny! And she's only 20 years old!
  • But she does promise to not exactly encourage him.
  • The Gardiners and Jane leave for London, and Charlotte asks Elizabeth to come visit her in Hunsford, on Lady Catherine's estate.
  • Jane writes to say that she visited Miss Bingley and then was visited in return—but it's obvious that they're not going to be friends anymore. It's over. Mr. Bingley is gone forever.
  • Lizzy's love life isn't going so well, either: Wickham is flirting with another girl who has a lot more money.
  • Elizabeth realizes that she must not have been in love with Wickham, since she doesn't really care.

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