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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

  • The girls meet their youngest sisters, Kitty and Lydia, near the inn where they were to meet the Bennet carriage.
  • They eat together, while Lydia tells the latest news about Wickham: Mary King, the girl he was courting, has gone to stay with her uncle in Liverpool.
  • Lydia says Wickham is safe, but Elizabeth thinks Mary King is the safe one.
  • In fact, Lizzy notices that Lydia talks about Wickham an awful lot. Very suspicious.
  • At home, Lydia wants to go to Meryton, but Elizabeth nixes that idea. She doesn't want the town to talk about how the Bennet girls are barely home before they're running off to see men—plus, she really doesn't want to see Wickham.

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