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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • When Elizabeth and Jane are alone, we learn that Jane likes Mr. Bingley a lot more than she lets on.
  • We also learn a major difference between the sisters: Jane doesn't think much of herself, but she sure thinks highly of other people. And Lizzy, of course, is almost the exact opposite.
  • Jane even claims to have liked Mr. Bingley's sisters.
  • We then transition to descriptions of Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy who are coincidentally very similar to the sisters.
  • They're both good men, but Mr. Bingley tends to like people and be liked in return, while Mr. Darcy … not so much.
  • Like, Mr. Bingley claims to have never met a more agreeable, good-looking crowd of women than at the ball, but Mr. Darcy thinks—well, we've already learned what he thinks.
  • Fine, he'll admit that Jane is pretty. But she smiles too much. (Is that even a thing?)

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