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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

  • Elizabeth now realizes that Miss Bingley is so nasty because she's jealous, so she's not really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow morning.
  • But the visit is okay. Miss Darcy is friendly but shy, and the Bingley sisters are polite.
  • When Mr. Darcy walks in, Miss Bingley tries to get Lizzy to say something nice about Wickham.
  • Bad move. She doesn't know the whole Georgiana story, so she ends up looking really bad, while Elizabeth manages to answer politely.
  • Once they're gone, Miss Bingley starts ragging on Lizzy, but Miss Darcy won't join.
  • Neither will Darcy, who says that he thinks Elizabeth is one of the most attractive women he knows—which is just about what Miss Bingley deserves for being such a rhymes-with-itch.

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