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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 48

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Chapter 48

  • Public opinion turns against Wickham in about two seconds, and most of the action in this chapter happens through letters.
  • Mr. Gardiner writes to say he has tried to find out from Wickham's direct superior if he has any relatives or friends who might hide him in London; on second thought, though, Elizabeth might be in a better position than anybody to give that information, i.e. she knows Darcy.
  • They receive a letter from Mr. Collins, who says that Lydia's actions will forever ruin the chance that the other daughters will marry.
  • He congratulates himself on not marrying Elizabeth after all and suggests that they cut Lydia out of their life forever.
  • Nice guy, right? That's some real Christian compassion.
  • Mr. Gardiner writes again to say that things might be worse than feared—Mr. Wickham has gambling debts. Big ones. He's still looking, but Mr. Bennet is on his way home.
  • When he does get home, he says he's finally learned his lesson—which, great, but isn't it a little late for that?
  • Meanwhile, there's silence from Mr. Darcy.

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