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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Now we meet the Lucas family, who live close by and are close to the Bennet family.
  • Elizabeth in particular is very close to Charlotte Lucas, who is described as sensible, intelligent, in her late twenties, and unmarried. Gasp!
  • The day after the ball, the two families get together to gossip.
  • Mrs. Bennet fishes for compliments about her daughters, and Charlotte obliges: she overheard that Mr. Bingley thought Jane was the prettiest young woman at the ball.
  • Mr. Darcy not so much. But Jane informs the gossipers that Miss Bingley, Mr. Bingley's sister, told her that Mr. Darcy is really nice when you get to know him.
  • Mrs. Bennet refuses to hear a good word said about Mr. Darcy.
  • They discuss the difference between pride and vanity, concluding that pride is acceptable, as it is only your opinion about yourself, whereas vanity is caring about what others think about you.
  • Sounds solid.

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