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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 51

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Chapter 51

  • When the couple arrives on their wedding day, everyone is shocked that they're acting as though they haven't just committed a huge social mistake. (Everyone except Mrs. Bennet, that is.)
  • They act like everything is totally normal—especially Lydia, who loves gloating about being married.
  • Boy, we are glad that Lydia didn't have a Facebook account. Can you imagine?
  • Wickham, unsurprisingly, doesn't seem as into Lydia.
  • Oh, and Lydia has some surprising news. Mr. Darcy was at her wedding.
  • Whaaaaaa?
  • Oh LOL, she wasn't supposed to have said anything at all but the damage is done now, teehee!
  • Elizabeth refuses to give Lydia the satisfaction of knowing she wants to hear more, so she writes to her aunt instead.

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