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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

  • Wickham is so satisfied with this conversation that he never bothers dear Elizabeth again.
  • Elizabeth is thankful that she's figured out how to shut him up.
  • When the happy couple leaves, everyone except Mrs. Bennet (and Kitty) is relieved.
  • And now for some good news: at long last, Bingley is coming back to Netherfield.
  • Mrs. Bennet pressures her husband to visit Bingley. Mr. Bennet agrees, but only after some sighing about how Mrs. Bennet promised that, if he did this last year, it would result in one of his daughters getting married, but that hasn't happened.
  • But he doesn't have to bother himself about it, because Mr. Bingley not only arrives at Netherfield, but comes calling only three days later. Mr. Darcy's with him, too. Awkward!
  • They sit around silently together, until Mrs. Bennet starts prattling on foolishly about her youngest daughter's marriage to George Wickham and being as embarrassing as usual.
  • When the men leave, Mrs. Bennet invites them to return for dinner soon, and they must really like the Bennet girls, because they actually accept.

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