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Pride and Prejudice Chapter 55

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Chapter 55

  • A few days later, Bingley comes for dinner all by his lonesome.
  • After dinner, Mrs. Bennet manages to maneuver them all out of the room so Jane and Bingley can be alone.
  • This is super embarrassing to Jane and Elizabeth, and it doesn't work.
  • So obviously, she tries it again the next evening. And it works! Bingley proposes.
  • Woohoo! Now come lots of congratulations and happiness and Mr. Bennet's teasing.
  • Mr. Bingley starts coming every day and, when he and Jane aren't attached at the hip, one of them is talking Elizabeth's ear off.
  • Jane wishes that Elizabeth could be as happy. Elizabeth says that it's impossible —she's not made like Jane.
  • In her own dry manner, Elizabeth says she only hopes that she may have good enough luck to find another Mr. Collins. Hah!

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